It is about . . .

 ~ Having some time for yourself to reflect and play  💫

~ Exploring a variety of activities and tools that you can implement in your day-to-day  💫

~ Enjoying a space for yourself  💫

~ Meeting other like-minded people who are also taking some time for themselves  💫

~ Setting, holding and respecting healthy boundaries for yourself  💫

~ Having fun and sprinkling joy in your life  💫

Starting from 2024, each workshop will be priced at a flat rate of £10. 💫


New workshops ✨

I am excited to share that a brand new workshop is coming soon! 💫

To make sure that you do not miss out send me a message to join the waitlist and I will be in touch soon with all the details.


Gift cards will soon be available so you can gift this workshop to your loved ones. 💫


Come and join me

If you would like a bespoke session for you and your friends, pop me a line, and I’d love to prepare a custom session for you. 💫

Email your inquiry, or let’s chat. Book a FREE call.