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Parisian-born Ghislaine Y. Aniambossou is enriched with the heritage of French, Beninese, and African cultures. “Strong women raised me,” says Ghislaine – a family-oriented, pistachio ice cream and countryside lover. From her stepmother, Helene, to her sisters, and professional managers, Ghislaine learned about perseverance and developing a palate for life. Her Godmother, Paule, was also an invaluable role model who encouraged her to embrace fashion alongside her feminine energy to become a ‘Woman of Influence.’ So, this bouquet of life lessons inspired Ghislaine to initiate her Mastermind Lean-in Circle titled ‘Ladies in Suits’ with aspiring and current women senior business leaders, giving women the opportunity to learn from guest speakers, participate in workshops and hone their networking skills.

Entrepreneur ~ What’s your definition?

Amongst many, Ghislaine feels most connected to this definition of an entrepreneur – “A dreamer who realises their vision and nourishes them for durability.”  She emphasises dreamer first, owing to the ability to conceive a vision – whether from an inspiration or epiphany moment. Then, like a dreamer, an entrepreneur tests this through various trials and fine-tunes it to that memorable dream aligned with their ‘now’. However, according to Ghislaine, what distinguishes an entrepreneur from others is that “an entrepreneur knows how to navigate through adversity. It’s a marriage between boldness, faith, resilience, and intellectual curiosity – day and night.

Characteristics of an Entrepreneur – Your top 3

Boldness ~ In a climate where most follow the set path, it takes courage to step outside the line. “Create opportunities that are best for you, and sometimes choose to say no to others,” says Ghislaine. Alongside this, she highlights being perseverant as an essential lesson in learning to defend your ideas. Lastly, she emphasises the power of believing in your dreams. “Trust in the inspiration, and reflect in silence for guidance,” says Ghislaine. 

Entrepreneurship style – Blend silence with observation and action

Ghislaine shares some insights into her leadership style as follows.

First, she practices daily moments of silence to reflect. Next, she captures moments of agitation and those that require integration. In practising this, Ghislaine identifies which interactions are temporary and which ones are inspiring and a bonus. She also leans into the wisdom shared by her father – prioritise rest daily, to recycle the energies in the body and create new ideas”, she shares.

Inspiration and successful habits are essential

Ghislaine dedicates the first hour and a half of her morning to the pursuit of artistic activities to nourish her ‘Now Moment’. Some activities include prayer, singing, meditation and baking. Other artistic activities during her leisure time include debating with friends, visiting museums, art expositions and events. She supplements this with inspiring reads, music, and podcasts – Shania Twain and Cece Winans being the top on her playlist. Additionally, with regular interaction and exposure to ‘The Ladies in Suits’ members, Lean In Circle chats, and monthly talks – Ghislaine refuels with insights, leadership, and marketing strategies that set her up for professional success.

What’s the best advice you have received? 

Generosity starts at home‘ – words from her Godmother.

 How do you pick yourself up from a not-so-great day? 

Meditations, thankful prayer, sleep and reminding myself to live in the NOW.”

 What would you say to someone reading this?

“Thank you for reading. Take what you can and gently drop off what you don’t want.

 How would you describe your journey as a quote?

“The road less stupid – inspired by Keith J. Cunningham’s Book.”


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