Growing in Lockdown: Real Stories by Real Women (“GrL”) is an inspirational account of women around the globe who grew in strength, skill, self-belief and spirit; both sensationally and soulfully during the Covid 19 Pandemic lockdown.

Lockdown shifted us; our thoughts, outlook and the way we see ourselves. The growth achieved during lockdown is a powerful one and I wanted to capture these learnings; so, we always have something to turn to and be mindful of. The messages of these women serve as stimulus for our soul as we step into and beyond the new normal.

This series is a collaboration with portrait and lifestyle photographer, Hari Jr @ The Street Shutter. The remote styled photo shoot heightens the borders and boundaries placed by lockdown, yet captures the spirit of the messages.

I am humbled with the support and confidence received from these extraordinary women in letting me share their story. In each one of them you will see yourself, a mother, a friend, a sister, a confidant, a spouse, a dreamer, a doer, an adventurer. Most of all, you will see a person. My heartfelt gratitude to all participants who believed in the GrL series; who opened their hearts and inspired.


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