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Yakini Pierce is a triple-degree holder (engineering, mass communications and master’s in business administration). She was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) in 2020 during the pandemic. She uses her social platform, titled ADHD Love to share tips, support and promote social awareness on ADHD lifestyle for parents with ADHD and parents with children with ADHD.

Lockdown ~ The upside

One of the best things Yakini enjoyed about lockdown is the ability to work from home as it enabled her to spend more time with her children, both of whom are diagnosed with ADHD. Being in the same house for longer periods of time opened Yakini’s eyes to a new level of flexibility. She says, “Overall, I think I am a flexible person. But during the pandemic, I realized how flexible I truly needed to be. I had to go with the flow and learn to live together consistently and constantly under the same roof, all of the time.

The flipside ~ Lockdown

Working from home became a trend of more working. Yakini says, “There were days when I wanted to go out and have time with my children and I couldn’t.  I worked more at home than I did at my office. So, most of the time that we spent together was inside.  Yes, we took walks and occasionally played outside, but I also like to take them to some indoor activities and between everything being shut down and my hours, it was difficult.

Schedules and routines got her through the day

Routines are important and more so in an ADHD household. Yakini says, “we had a set schedule and routine to help us get through each day.” At times, it all got too much and Yakini would take some time out for herself and go for a walk. For additional support, she connected with support groups over texts and occasional zoom calls for chats and game nights. Yakini also checked off some of her reading material that she had parked aside for a while. However, she says candidly, “of course in true ADHD fashion, I didn’t finish any of them.

What’s the best self-talk you have had or are having with yourself?

I knew as hard as it sometimes was, this was not going to last forever. I knew eventually we will get back to enjoying our lives and to be able to be outdoors.

What would you say to the earlier you?

“You have to have faith that things are not going to remain the same forever.  Give it time, things will change and I have to believe, for the better.”

What would you say to the new you?

The new me has learned patience, how to balance work and home. I spent more time with my children and I learnt how to enjoy them with simple and fun activities. I’d tell the new me to continue doing those things.

What’s a new word you will use to describe yourself?



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