~ Everyone is an entrepreneur. Find your balance.~


Shona Chambers is a freelance marketing consultant with over 20 years of experience working with large and small companies. Besides creating her businesses, Shona’s greatest asset is bringing people together. She has done this successfully through the Self-Employed Club, a networking group for the self-employed and freelance community. This platform fosters connections and collaborations weekly, striking a balance for entrepreneurs. Many entrepreneurs work independently, and the Self- Employed Club creates opportunities to get to know others in similar or different fields.

Shona compiled her learnings and observations in marketing with handy and practical tips. She published a best-seller and must-read for small business owners, titled 100 Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners, available for purchase on Amazon or her website.

Entrepreneur ~ What’s your definition?

“Everyone is entrepreneurial. It is a human nature thing.” But, she says, “show me a person who has not developed a better way to do something, whether it is a big thing or just a simple idea.”

Characteristic of an Entrepreneur – Your top 3

Curiosity ~ This heightened sense of curiosity enables you to keep discovering and exploring. It prompts ideas, solutions and self-evaluation when you chance upon discoveries. Tenacity ~ Being tenacious anchors you to your purpose. Shona says this determination guides you to ‘stick to your values’ when others tease you with discouragement. Humour ~ Just as the famous saying goes, laughing is one of the best medicines. “As entrepreneurs, we often come across a few wrong turns before the right one. Having the ability to laugh at these events is important so you can identify the lessons and keep moving forward.”

Entrepreneurship style – independent with a healthy balance of quiet and teamwork

Shona celebrates growth, and she facilitates this by balancing her time in chunks of quiet time, where she is most effective, and lively team discussions. She says, “I do not like micro-managing and give people free rein as much as possible.” “Hire people whom you believe in,” she adds, as this is how you build trust and develop potential.

Learn and model from the best

Books and podcasts are Shona’s go-to for distilling information, both new and old. “Learn from the best, their experiences and innovate it to your situation,” says Shona encouragingly. Founder of the Self-Employed Club, Shona thrives on group discussions. She says, “I love the energy that comes from sharing ideas and listening to other people’s viewpoints.”


What’s the best advice you have received? 

Life is a game. Play it. Take chances. Shake it off and try again.”

How do you pick yourself up from a not-so-great day? 

“I have a 3-stage process. 

Stage 1- Retreat, process and mull over.

Stage 2 – Talk about it with a trusted person; and

Stage 3 – Realise that it is part of a game, and tomorrow, you have another chance to win.”

What would you say to someone reading this?

Always look at the bright side of life.”

What’s one word that inspires you?




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