~ If you believe it, possibilities are everywhere, starting with you.~



Rima Dahdah is shaking things up in Lebanon. Rooted in the belief of possibility, Rima ventured to set up 7044 Giants after a decade of handling learning development roles for corporate sectors. She is a Coach, Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner (NLP), Mentor, Trainer and Facilitator, and you meet each of these parts individually; or rolled in one. The name 7044 is blooming with possibilities. “In numerology, 7 is faith, 0 is eternity, 4 is stability, 44 is practicality, and 704 is bravery. 7044 is all about having the courage to trust and explore your abilities and turn them to success,” says Rima.

Entrepreneur ~ What’s your definition?

“Someone who combines freedom with impact and achievement.”

Characteristic of an Entrepreneur – Your top 3

“The DDP is a must when it comes to entrepreneurs,” says Rima. Passion ~ Whilst she coined the acronym DDP, she emphasises starting with the P or Passion as it is the big ‘why’ and creates the natural cycle every day. Dedication ~ This is the ‘weather’ or ‘mood’ temperature setting that fuels you with focus. Discipline ~ Rima describes this as the motivation to keep showing up and getting through each task.

Entrepreneurship style – visionary with an innate talent to develop potential

Rima strongly believes in people’s potential, which is one of her critical drivers as a coach. A visionary and ‘big-picture thinker’, Rima steers her company and team, empowering them to reach their truest potential whilst accomplishing her vision. “I set the vision and empower the team to make it happen,” says Rima.

Have a robust support system

Music is integral to Rima. She describes it as a “channel of energy to her brain.” Dancing and singing along with music relaxes and inspires her creatively with ideas and solutions. She emphasises the importance of solid support structures that guide you in your everyday. Rima is grateful to be surrounded by a group of amazing people who support her vision and whom she can lean on to, for whatever occasion.


What’s the best advice you have received? 

If what you are doing is not working, do something different. Beyond that, keep exploring different ways till you reach what you want.”

How do you pick yourself up from a not-so-great day? 

“Rest and recharge – proper sleep, a relaxing shower, quality me-time, calming music, prayer – they all help.”

What would you say to someone reading this?

Anything is possible. Everything is possible. Miracles do happen if you believe it.”

What’s one word that inspires you?


~Entrepreneur Your Life: Lead on your terms is an empowering account of women around the globe who carved their paths. Driven by passion and perseverance, these women created possibilities for themselves even in the darkest of times. Resourceful and resilient, they represent remarkable strength of character and show us how to be the entrepreneurs of our life. ~

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