~ Understand Yourself. Be Leaderly Whilst Being You. ~


Jo Miller has dedicated over two decades to championing women’s leadership. Jo believes that everyone is a leader and helps women advance their careers and expand their influence by leveraging their leadership strengths. Her book – Woman of Influence: 9 Steps to Build Your Brand, Establish Your Legacy, and Thrive was a #1 bestselling new release on Amazon’s Women in Business Chart, has won multiple awards and is a recommended read for anyone who wants to expand their influence and impact, and take charge of their professional trajectory. Jo grew up in Australia and has been celebrating life free from breast cancer since 2016. She says, “when life hands you lemons, stuff them in your bra and sing – T­a-dah!”

Entrepreneur ~ What’s your definition?

“A true entrepreneur has a sharp and discerning eye for spotting an unfulfilled need, plus the acumen to weigh the risks versus rewards—both immediate and long-term. They dream big, conceptualise, and then strategise to anchor that dream. It is a rare, special sauce,” says Jo. However, through her experience and years of working with aspiring women leaders, Jo has distilled the key learnings in a nine-step roadmap to transform yourself from a ‘professional pretzel’ to a ‘woman of influence.’ Read a free chapter of Jo’s book here.

Characteristics of an Entrepreneur – Your top 3

Jo says that the entrepreneurs she admires most have the following characteristics:

Fierce determination to make life better or easier for others—whether they are clients, consumers, or even humankind.

Deep empathy allows them to side with customers, step into their shoes, elevate their voices, and champion their causes.

Courage to keep their values and personal mission at the centre of their work and stay the course when up against strong headwinds.

Entrepreneurship style – Thought Leader and a Service Leader

Jo recalls her first “dream job.” It was after university, at a boutique staffing agency for creative freelancers, and she battled her desire for success whilst staying true to her authentic self. “I was an introvert trying to act like an extrovert, a daydreamer and conceptual thinker floundering in a sales role. Fortunately, that “flopportunity” led me to the work I do today as a leadership trainer and fiercely committed advocate for women in leadership,” she says.

Jo confronted the ‘F-word’ — failure, built on her insights through research and interviews of more than 150 female executives to identify five distinct types of leaders:

  • Change leaders improve organisations by disrupting, transforming, and optimising them.
  • People leaders thrive on developing people, teams, and organisational cultures.
  • Results leaders are goal driven and motivated to strive for a high-performance bar.
  • Service leaders fight to support others and see them succeed.
  • Thought leaders are experts, visionaries, and futuristic thinkers who love to innovate and disseminate knowledge.

Fuel Up with Feedback

Jo’s husband once described her as a “feedback junkie.” Surprised, Jo observed herself closely and noticed that her greatest source of motivation comes from hearing an honest assessment from someone she knows well – be it a friend or someone she worked with. “Whether acknowledging what went well or deconstructing what could have gone better, feedback is my fuel to keep learning and growing and to stay focused on what I can uniquely contribute.”

What’s the best advice you have received? 

“Just do whatever needs to be done — especially in the moments when you don’t particularly feel like doing it.

This advice was inspired from Jo’s mentor. To get the best of your meeting with a mentor, get Jo’s free, quick-start guide – 40 Questions to Ask a Mentor.

How do you pick yourself up from a not-so-great day? 

Lying face down on a cool floor for one minute. No matter how triggered I might feel, it doesn’t take long for me to lighten up, start giggling, pick myself up from the floor, and carry on with a better frame of mind. Thankfully, I only needed to use this in my home or office and not in a crowded airport security line or supermarket aisle.”

What would you say to someone reading this?

“When you prioritise understanding yourself and your innate leadership strengths and bring your natural, authentic self to whatever role you’re playing, you will be more effective, regardless of your style.”  

What’s one word that inspires you?

“Respair – It is the return of hope after a period of despair.

I have made it my word for the year. It’s a reminder to wear hope like chain-link armour: strong enough to deflect life’s arrows; permeable enough to let all the good stuff seep in.”



~ Entrepreneur Your Life: Lead on your terms is an empowering account of women around the globe who carved their paths. Driven by passion and perseverance, these women created possibilities for themselves despite the odds. Resourceful and resilient, they represent remarkable strength of character and show us how to be the entrepreneurs of our life. ~

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