~A saree loving beautiful soul who invites us to inhale health, celebrate life and appreciate the beauty of every moment. ~


Chandra Harichandran or fondly known as Chandi amongst her loved ones is a 70 years young Malaysian artist, home maker and the essence of her family.

Lockdown ~ The upside

Hubby & Hobbies ~ Chandi shares that she delighted in lots of quality time with her husband who is otherwise occupied with his medical practice. “It was fun spending time with him. We had meals together, watched lots of movies, series and documentaries.” Chandi enjoyed seeing the growth in her family; her angelic grand-daughter’s first steps, her daughter’s culinary skills and heart centred communication between her husband and son. Lockdown was hard but Chandi chose to reflect on joyful memories looking through travel photos and jogging down highlights of a blessed life. Chandi recounts a trip with her daughter to see the Northern Lights in Norway and shares “it was my first expedition with my darling daughter. I cannot forget that.

The flipside ~ Lockdown

Cinemas were an essential and integral part of Chandi’s socials and the shut-down clipped her wings, in addition to a fortnightly packet of BBQ chips and iced lemon tea. Becoming a grandmother was her favourite moment of 2020 but lockdown robbed her of visits to see her darling grand-daughter. Continued inter-district travel restrictions meant video conversations, that too if Wi-Fi and schedules permitted. “Her dimple smile and almond eyes, she’s such a joy to be with”, says Chandi. A health setback in December strained Chandi’s positive outlook on life. “I never expected to go for surgery. It all happened so fast.” Chandi’s rooted in gratitude to her unwavering spirit and the loving care by her family. She refers to the immeasurable support from closest friends with the saying “true friends, like precious stones, are few and rare. I felt this in my heart.

Solid daily routine filled with music, garden time and travel planning energised her soul

Chandi stayed positive and rebuilt her strength. She fought the temptation to look back and instead, steered forward; her precious grand-daughter’s photos guiding her with every step. She adds “I became more consistent with my walks, daily exercise and most of all my breathing exercise which I never realised had so much to do with health and helped in my recovery.” Chandi emphasises that breathwork is a fundamental daily practice. Music, movies and gardening added melody, comedy and peace of mind to news of extended lockdown. An avid traveller, Chandi motivated herself with travel magazines and documentaries to plan her next trips.

What’s the best self-talk you have had or are having with yourself?

Expectedly or unexpectedly, things have happened. Don’t sit back and worry about it. Think that it happened for a reason. Maybe I was neglecting myself. Now, I am more focused. Self-care is so important. Health is wealth.

What would you say to the earlier you?

You did good. You cared for everyone but did not care for yourself as much. More care should have been focused on you first and that is a learning point.

What would you say to the new you?

Better late than never, you have found yourself back, just focus on it. It’s going to be fireworks all the way!

What’s a new word you’ll use to describe yourself?

Chandi, you are magnificent!


Photographs captured by : Hari Jr, @thestreetshutter

~ Growing in Lockdown: Real Stories by Real Women is an inspirational account of women around the globe who grew in strength, skill, self-belief and spirit; both sensationally and soulfully during the Covid 19 Pandemic lockdown. The messages of these women serve as stimulus for our soul as we step into and beyond the new normal. ~

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