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Sheila Singam is a Malaysian training and innovation consultant, coach, growth advocate, writer and artist. Grounded in her determination that change brings growth and achievement, Sheila draws experiences from her exciting career path to help others unleash their potential to achieve success. 

Lockdown ~ The upside

Family time ~ Sheila enjoyed spending time with her loving children. 2021 became sweeter with Sheila welcoming her first grandchild. A catalyst for change, Sheila took on the reins of virtual platform to conduct her training programs online. She did not stop there and took the opportunity to accelerate her own self-development, acquiring new skills and perspectives. She proudly shares that “I finished seven online courses last year.”  Transformation is part of Sheila’s equation and in 2021, Sheila launched her own art brand, Kaleidoscopic Art. Lockdown also nurtured Sheila to be a student for life and Sheila shares “I learnt that you must never stop learning because that gives you agility, flexibility and the ability to pivot in a world that’s changing every day.

The flipside ~ Lockdown

Lockdown tested the bonds of relationship. Sheila was unable to meet extended family and friends. Business volume dipped as clients too opted to cancel or put on hold their training plans. Whilst this was tough on Sheila, she understood that there was a bigger picture in play. Trials and tribulations are just one way of shaping you into the person you are. Sheila adds “If you find meaning in what you go through, it becomes a defining moment in your life and adds strength to your character.


A mindset and lifestyle reframe fuelled her strength

Online courses gave Sheila a good grasp of what she could do and do better with the reach of virtual platforms. Sheila also used the time she had to her advantage. She drew the focus inwards and resumed exercising, ate planned meals, spent time developing her training, writing and artistic skills. Sheila shares “I reframed the whole situation as an opportunity to get in touch with me and strengthen my relationship with God. I grew even stronger as a person during this pandemic.

What’s the best self-talk you have had or are having with yourself?

I am strong. I can handle anything that happens and take it as an opportunity to learn. Instead of focusing on what is not happening, ask yourself why?, what can I learn?”.

What would you say to the earlier you?

One day, you are going to become the person you always wanted to be. You will go through many trials; you will feel grief and feel pain.  There may be times you want to give up because you ask yourself “what is the point?”. But, one day, you will see that all that you went through helped shape you into the person you are; a light to others.

What would you say to the new you?

I like who you are now. I like that you don’t live to impress anybody and you have the confidence to be authentic and transparent.

How would you summarise your growth during lockdown?

I learnt how to learn again. I learnt patience. I learnt to relinquish control and go with the flow. I learnt faith. I learnt I could do what I set my mind to.


Photographs captured by Hari Jr Harichandran, #thestreetshutter

~ Growing in Lockdown: Real Stories by Real Women is an inspirational account of women around the globe who grew in strength, skill, self-belief and spirit; both sensationally and soulfully during the Covid 19 Pandemic lockdown. The messages of these women serve as stimulus for our soul as we step into and beyond the new normal. ~

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